The Prime Minister announced late on Saturday afternoon that mask wearing in shops and public areas is to be re-introduced as of Tuesday. Leisure areas and Indoor facilities have not, as of yet, been included.

However, the Club have taken the decision to bring back this requirement upon entering and whilst on Chandos indoor facilities. This will be effective as of Tuesday 30 November 7:00am.

This will apply to all members, visitors, coaches/staff and children over the age of 12, subject to the very small number of members exempt (medical letter record on file).
Subject to the above, any member or guest entering the indoor facility , will be required to mask-up and to continue to wear whilst moving around until entering onto the indoor court to play or using the gym (restricted entry). Movement around or through the cafe to outdoor courts, will also require mask wearing.
Coming off indoor courts, mask will be required again before using the steps to vacate. Coming out of the gym, coming off outdoor courts and entering into the cafe area, mask back on. Whilst seated, mask can be removed.

We ask for your co-operation in all these matters and will ask you to mask up if seen moving around unmasked.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to the Club. Please do not send any child to attend groups/squads, lessons and advise the office of any child where their school year has suspended/closed for this reason. We again ask you to familiarise yourself with Government guidelines.

We hope that the requirement will be lifted within a few weeks and kindly ask you to respect the rule whilst in place, in order to assist the Club‘s contribution towards the overall effort in controlling the virus and the new variant.