Following yesterday’s Prime Minister’s announcement and in conjunction with LTA guidelines – Step 3, we are delighted to update you on further positive changes at the Club with effect from Monday 17 May:

Indoor courts:
These will be open to SINGLES and DOUBLES bookings. The usual £12 per hour, seven (7) day booking in advance.
Please only take water onto these courts – NO FIZZY DRINKS, TEA COFFEE or FOOD!

Organised ADULT Group Sessions:
Coached sessions for adults may take place indoors and outdoors.  SOCIAL TENNIS will be re-introduced from Tuesday 18th May. A coach will be on duty, exception of Half Term week. Available for Midweek members (Tuesday evening only) and Full members.

Outdoor courts:
The side gate will be disabled from Monday 17th May, access to outdoor courts through main front door and through the lounge area. The one (1) hour per day limit will be removed but the cancellation rule will remain.

General Booking Rules:
Pre lockdown rules are reinstated (see club rule 4: Consecutive bookings) ‘On consecutive bookings on any court (cumulative indoor  & outdoor) , there is a maximum of 2 hours permitted, if requiring additional playing time, a two (2) hour gap is required between booking a new session. This does not apply to coaches.

Visitors will be permitted again, please enter ‘visitor’ at time of booking, adult visitor (over 18) £8 per visit, child visitor (under 18), £4 per visit.  Only permitted three (3) times in the season and will then be asked to join the Club. Visitors will need to fill in a ‘Contact Tracing’ form, situated on the white table in the front entrance area. The form will be kept by the Club for a period of twenty one (21) days.

Two (2) members or three members (3) if same household will be permitted at the same time. Please continue to clean equipment used before and after session.  Under 16’s permitted ONLY with an adult or Club’s licenced trainer

Cafe – Lounge: 
Open from Monday 17th May – whilst walking around, through to outside courts, going to the counter to order, masks to be worn, if seated, not necessary. When seated inside, please respect social distancing at all times. Areas are sectioned to accommodate bubbles of 6 – May we kindly ask you not remove the positioning of any screens or furniture and remain in your bubble.

Changing Rooms:
Whilst these will be available, we would ask that where possible, you should shower at home. To minimise the use of the changing rooms we recommend that you come dressed to play.
However for those who prefer to shower at the Club, we would like to let you know that we shall shortly be stocking Fit Kit products  – these are different shower gels for use after exercise, shampoo/conditioner and hand sanitiser all in pouches – leaflets available shortly.

Viewing area onto courts:
Please kindly respect social distancing at all times and try to refrain from touching the metal rail. A maximum of six (6) people viewing per court and spread out in line is authorised as per the Government guidelines.

The Middlesex Summer League matches have started and first home match will be tomorrow Wednesday 12th May. These will take place on OUTDOOR courts usually between 6.00pm–9.30pm.
From 17th May, all National Premier League weekend matches will be transferred onto the INDOOR COURTS.

Half Term Camp:
This will take place on the INDOOR courts  between Tuesday 1st – Friday 5th June.

As with Government/LTA guidelines, any adult or child showing any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms , shall be denied entry and if displaying any signs whilst on Club premises, will need to isolate, inform all those who have been in contact. The Club shall then notify those concerned and take appropriate measures.

At all times we would ask that you kindly respect the the one (1) metre plus social distancing rule and use the hand sanitisers frequently. Masks should be worn within the indoor facility, and only removed when on court or if seated in any area. Walking through to access areas requires a face mask to be worn.
For those who are exempt, we ask for a relevant letter from your GP or NHS practice.

We hope that you continue enjoying all the Club has to offer and look forward to an exciting season ahead.