Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement of yesterday and the subsequent follow up communication issued today, we are awaiting clarity from our governing body the Lawn Tennis Association regarding playing tennis outdoor.

As a result, we will be announcing the Club’s next steps as soon the LTA have offered their guidance. This guidance is expected to cover how venues may be able to start reopening their outdoor facilities and what conditions must be in place to ensure the safety of all those involved. We already have plans in place but need to wait for official advice to ensure compliance with agreed standards and best practice. The LTA have confirmed that they will be sharing more detail regarding tennis tomorrow and we will be issuing a more detailed update to our members shortly thereafter.

We should also draw to your attention that once clarity is given, access to book courts and enter the Club will only be available to members who have renewed their membership for this season. In this respect we shall also follow up with a revised Membership Renewal email tomorrow.