COVID-19 Updates

Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement of 22nd September and the LTA guidelines received this afternoon, we are implementing from tomorrow – 24th September the following:

Face coverings: APPLICABLE TO ALL – exemption being children under the age of 11 and those who have a health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering (please advise office and provide exemption letter).

On entering the clubhouse and whilst moving around ALL AREAS – you are required to wear a face covering – if seated – not necessary.

Hand Sanitising and Social Distancing:
You are continually reminded to use the hand sanitisers provided and or wash hands, gloves if required (available) and to maintain social distancing measures.

Whilst walking around, through to outside courts, going to the counter to order – masks to be worn, if seated, not necessary. When seated inside please respect social distancing at all times. Areas will shortly be sectioned to accommodate bubbles of 6 – please do not remove the positioning of any screens or furniture and remain in your bubble.
The vending machine is filled daily with the bottom shelf stocked with bottled water.  All water fountains remain closed as a Health & Safety measure.

Changing Rooms:
Use of the changing rooms should be avoided where possible, showers continue to be out of use. Benches still not permitted, please do not take chairs in the changing room to sit on.

You are not required to wear a mask using the equipment. Please continue to sanitise the equipment before and after use.

Organised ADULT Group Sessions:
Coached sessions for adults may take place indoors and outdoors for venues that are Covid-19 secure which Chandos LTC will continue to endeavour to ensure.
The LTA recommends no more than 12 players on one full-size tennis court and surrounding areas at any one time (for indoors, this limit is six people), in order to ensure social distancing can be maintained at all times.

Coaching Children: a drop off at the door policy is in place – please comply –   TEDDY TENNIS EXEMPT.
Coached sessions for children can take place indoors or outdoors, but should be limited to group sizes of no more than 15, plus coach(es) in accordance with the Department for Educations’s guidance for providers of out-of-school settings.

Half Term Camp:
As per letter dated 8/8/20 which is available in the clubhouse to view and will be sent out again prior to the upcoming holiday camp week.

Viewing area on walkway:
Please leave the chairs in the positions they are in – they are spaced 1m plus distance from each other.

Social Tennis: Tuesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings:
Social tennis will resume after Club Finals Day taking place Sunday 4th October. A coach will be on duty, exception of Half Term week. Only 3 courts will be booked out and a rotation of players will apply. We will advise further arrangements in due course. Available for Midweek members (Tuesday evening only) and Full members.

If bringing a guest to play – it is your responsibility to ensure your guest fills in the track and trace book on the desk in the entrance area.
Zone areas:

The office, changing rooms, gym and coaches room are controlled zone areas with entrance to a limited number entry. Please respect this at all times.

We shall shortly be implementing a daily fogging regime within the indoor facility which will take place after close of play or before 07.00am.

We ask that you comply with the above measures that are relevant to our club, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the premises.

As with Government/LTA guidelines, any adult or child that shows any of the recognised signs of COVID-19, Chandos LTC has the right to refuse entry and if displaying any signs whilst on club premises, we will isolate, inform all concerned who have been in contact and ask them to leave. No refund will be issued for any coaching activity paid for.

We hope to provide you all with a safe environment – please help us to keep you safe and well in these difficult times.