Summer Competition – Chandos Teams back in action

Summer Competition – Chandos Teams back in action

About the Team

We are all very please to have competitions back with a vengeance, albeit with some restrictions in place.

Every year well over a hundred members take part in leagues, tournaments for the club.

This Summer we are entered in 3 LTA registered events.

1. Middlesex Summer League 

Format : Teams consist of 6 players/Doubles / League with promotion relegation/ 2 points per set one that contribute to overall score.


2.  LTA National League – Adult entry only this year

Format : Team consist of 4 players/4 Singles matches follows by 2 Doubles/ League with promotion relegation up to National level/ Played on a rubber format

3. National Premier League Doubles (Indoor)

Format: Teams consist of 4 players/ Reverse doubles matches/ League with regional winners competing in National Final