Summer Regional Open Tournament

Once again, we are hosting our Open Tournament 2nd – 8th August 2020, a Grade 3 Regional Tournament attracting some of the best national and regional players, open to age groups between 6 to 45 plus, played on both our indoor and outdoor courts and refereed by Brenda Stewart. We would like to thank our sponsors, Sport & Leisure London for continuing their sponsorship for this prestigious event and hope to make this an even more successful tournament than last year.

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For results of the 2019 event, please click here.

Club Members Championship

This year’s tournament will commence weekend of 12th September with Finals Day on Sunday 4th October. Categories will include 10 and Under through to 60 and over events – entry forms will be available from July onwards.

For last year’s tournament events with draws and finalists and winners, see below:

Rules & Regulations

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and successfully, given the large number of matches that need to be played throughout the tournament, it is important that everyone participating abides by the following rules.

Match Scheduling

All matches are organised between opponents and played by the “Play By” dates. The “Play By” dates are clearly set out on the draw sheets. In the event of very bad weather these dates will be reviewed and amended as required.

You should only enter the tournament if you are available to play on Finals Day.

If you are playing in a singles tournament and find you are unable to continue beyond the next round, you can either grant a walkover to the opposition or concede at match point.

If you are playing in a doubles tournament and find you are unable to continue beyond the next round, it is your responsibility to inform your partner, who then has the option to grant a walkover or to concede at match point.

If you are unable to contact your opponent, cannot agree a time to play by the date set, are not around for any significant time during the tournament or have any queries regarding scheduling, then discuss with the organising committee.

The tournament committee urges all players to respect the play by dates; it is within the discretion of the committee to scratch a player if they consider that a player is not taking the deadlines seriously.

Booking Courts for Matches

These should be recorded in the Booking Schedule which can be found in the Clubhouse; allow a maximum of one and a half hours per match. The schedules will make it clear which courts are available for each time slot.

Court Availability

A few courts will be blocked out for some booking periods to enable matches, coaching to continue.

Tennis Balls

Tennis ball will be provided and please return balls when you finish.

Match Play

All matches are best of three tiebreak sets.

Line calls

It is up to the receiver to decide a line call and the decision is then final.


Should be recorded by players on the sheets in the Clubhouse at the end of the match.

Late Arrivals

If you are more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled event you forfeit the first set; if you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit the match.

Forfeits can be avoided if you contact your opponent in advance to agree a rescheduled time. Any disputes should be referred to the organising committee.


If you are playing in a doubles tournament and your partner is injured in an early round, please do not substitute your partner without first consulting someone from the tournament committee.

Good luck with your matches!