Every couple of years, athletes from various disciplines and specialities train and prepare to capture the chance to compete at the Olympics. As an athlete, there isn’t a more eloquent honour than carrying the badge of participating at the Olympics with the colours of your nation adorning you.

This year, that chance for some athletes from the African continent was at the 13th All-Africa Games held in Accra. The Ghanaian capital hosted over 5,000 athletes from 52 countries athletes competing in 29 disciplines, including Olympic qualifying events such as tennis, athletics, swimming, and others. I had the privilege of being one of these athletes called to represent my country, Ghana.

Our previous chairman David Bernstein has written a book to be published on 11 March titled “ We were really there “ —. “The Rebirth of Manchester City “. This covers his time as Chair of Manchester City FC from 1998 to 2003 a period when the club was reborn and started a journey from the 3rd level of English football to become treble winners and world champions. 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Social Summer Events open to all members . Pro-Am Tennis EVENT– Friendly play in with our tennis pros and full time players. Fun event with food afterwards. March  6 Daytime Spring Season BBQ– Herald in the springtime by joining in our BBQ  Saturday March 9th  .    

Thanks to all the players who turned up for our team tennis season starter. Also great support from our coaching team throughout the evening. 40 of our team players from 1st to 6th team took part and played with amazing team spirit in this mix in team challenge, great food and drinks enjoyed by all and the excellent team support for the players with the Green team coming our victorious!!
Thanks so much to Darryl, Gonzalo, Amanda and Juliano who organised a great event. We all look forward to a successful season!!

See your club from a different perspective. Evoke some of our history  and  current times in a video produced by long time member Fortis Simons. Created for our Centenary celebration , here is a short edit to give you a flavour of our club. View our Video here

We are extremely honored in our Centenary Year to be invited to be part of the The Association of Centenary Tennis Clubs . This historic group of clubs have all celebrated long and illustrious histories  . Centenary  Clubs span the length and breadth of the world and include some of the most prestigious locations and venues.  We are very proud to be included along with 7 clubs who have already been members in the UK.  We look forward to being a worthy and valuable member.

More information can be found a Centenary Clubs website