Please take time to read words from Kapari coach and player at the club

Every couple of years, athletes from various disciplines and specialities train and prepare to capture the chance to compete at the Olympics. As an athlete, there isn’t a more eloquent honour than carrying the badge of participating at the Olympics with the colours of your nation adorning you.

This year, that chance for some athletes from the African continent was at the 13th All-Africa Games held in Accra. The Ghanaian capital hosted over 5,000 athletes from 52 countries athletes competing in 29 disciplines, including Olympic qualifying events such as tennis, athletics, swimming, and others. I had the privilege of being one of these athletes called to represent my country, Ghana.

My experience at the All-African Games was transformative and inspiring in more ways than one. Despite not qualifying for the Olympics in Paris later this year, the fire that got lit under me as l watched fellow athletes shed sweat, blood, and tears to actualise their dreams was intense. It was a pragmatic reminder that my goals and dreams as an athlete weren’t chimerical, and with the right environment, work ethic, and support, the possibilities could be endless. This experience will influence my training and progress as an athlete as well as a mentor who coaches and trains with the juniors at the club. I didn’t experience the African dream this time, but it’s good to know there is still time to dream.